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Inspiration Strikes! – Home

Inspiration Strikes!

It’s been a roller coaster with me: One week I’m painting 10 pieces a week; the next week I can’t finish anything I’ve started. This week, I was on a more normal painting regimen. I completed two of the three projects I started several weeks ago and the third is well on its way. Here is the first completed piece.

“Wood on Wood”, 35×11 acrylic on wood, protected with gloss varnish, $595.00

“Wood on Wood” is exactly that: Wood blocks mounted on wood. This is a 35″x11″ acrylic on wood. It’s a very unique piece if you have the right place to display it. Right now it’s hanging in my laundry room, just above the washer and dryer and between two cabinets. And yes….it IS for sale.

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