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Fish with a twist – Home

Fish with a twist

Left to right, “Picasso Jellyfish”, “Just Swimming”, “Catch me if you can” 4×6 acrylic on canvas
“A Fish out of Water”, 8×10 acrylic on canvas

I’m constantly trying new methods to capture fish on paper and canvas, my idea of catch and release. I found a technique I’m have fun playing with and well…I went a little crazy painting them. These are markedly different from my usual, more abstract and brightly colored. The paint is slightly raised from the canvas, giving them a 3D look.

I tried this technique first on the 8×10. It exceeded my expectations, so I decided to fine tune the process and paint a second, larger one. Now it’s spawned a few little ones. “Picasso Jellyfish”, is the fish out of water here, but he is a cute little thing. I’m thrilled with the finished paintings.

Not your choice of fish? Check out two of my others below. They will make a grand edition to your home or office.

Remember, there’s only one original! Use the contact form above for any questions or to purchase.

“Catch of the Day”, 11×32 acrylic painted wood, with three, 4×6 acrylic painted canvas
“Fish on a Ferris Wheel”, Ten, 2×3 acrylic on paper, framed.

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