Liberty Visits Florida

Like all good New Yorkers, Liberty needed a vacation – a Florida vacation. If you have ever spent time in New York in the dead of winter, you know what I mean. It’s been a busy couple of centuries for her, so Liberty finally decided to take a much needed sojourn to the Sunshine State.

This visit was a long time in the making. Due to her large size I – Deborah Boyd – her Public Relations liaison here in Florida – had to have everything retrofitted to suit her special needs. The burden of her clothing also fell on me. She’s a rather beefy gal and she wanted to ditch the heavy robe and instead opt for tasteful yet modest clothing. Below are a few of the places she’s visited to date with plenty more to follow!

She has arrived! Liberty takes a selfie to share with all her fans on Facebook and Twitter.

“Liberty does a Selfie”, 16×20, mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas,

With her coffee in tow, Liberty heads to the beach to watch the sunrise in Ponce Inlet. Early risers get a real treat as she raises her modified torch to greet the morning sun.

“Liberty Greets the Sun” 16×24, mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas

Liberty stops by the Own A Debbie Art Gallery in Daytona Beach where she is presented with Debbie’s Spectacular Specs, custom made, hand painted reading glasses. She is looking for a painting to display in her lobby when she returns to New York. While she likes this one, ‘Red, White, Blue and Green’, She’s undecided whether the green distracts from her lobby’s red, white and blue theme.

Liberty Visits an Art Gallery”, 16×40, mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas

Meanwhile in New York, the City is all but snowbound. Still, Liberty is very loyal to her fans and she’s left a sign telling them she’s gone for the season. Not that anyone will wander by with all that snow!

“She’s; Gone”, 16×20 acrylic on canvas

Liberty is excited about seeing the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, but she’s told she’s too tall to go inside. So she strolls over the jetty to get a better view, then shows off her modified torch.

“Liberty Sees the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse”, 16×20 mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas

Since getting sun isn’t worrisome for Liberty, she dons her custom made – but very modest – swimsuit and heads for the beach in Ponce Inlet. She’s hoping to add a little color so that she can show off the ‘bronze’ when she gets home.

“Soaking up the Rays” 16×24 mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas

Liberty is always into trying new things and today that thing is fishing. She didn’t catch anything on this day, but had a lot of fun hanging out by the St. Johns River in DeLand.

“Liberty Goes Fishing”, 16×24 mixed media, digital and acrylic on canvas

A note about this series: This is a continuing series and more artwork will be added as they are completed. While you can generally get reprints and related items on our sister site,, reprints for this series will only be available here. Look for them soon. If you are interested in purchasing or licensing any painting, please contact me at

I will occasionally customize, “Liberty Does a Selfie” to include specific sites. For example, below is her selfie from her visit to the Kennedy Space Center.

” Liberty does a selfie at the Space Center” 16×20. Available as an enhanced giclĂ©e, signed by the artist.