The Story Behind “City Reflections”

I’ve been making changes on this blog and, “The Story Behind….” is one of those. I started thinking about it and realized that everything I paint has a story. There is always a reason I paint a particular scene or abstract. Everything. Beginning today, “The Story Behind….”, will feature one of my paintings, and a special price, should you decide to purchase the original.

“City Reflections”, 16×32 acrylic on canvas, framed

I buy …. or sometimes I’m given…a lot of unwanted frames and canvases. Sometimes they have something painted on them as was the case with this. It was a nice canvas and a very nice frame. It just needed new subject matter. So, I studied it. For two days I looked at it from every angle, then I knew what to do with it and the abstract City Reflections was born! It took about 10 days to complete, most of that time choosing the order of the colors.

“City Reflections”, Picture it your your wall!

You can purchase this beautiful abstract for your wall for a limited time for $350. Please use the contact page above if you have questions or to purchase. It’s a good chance to Own A Debbie Original at a reduced price!