What a difference a few months makes

The latest cover of New Smyrna Beach Magazine
“Tranquility”, 16×20 acrylic on canvas,

Yes! “Tranquility” is on the current cover of New Smyrna Magazine. Yes. I am thrilled that it’s there!

Those closest to me know the story of how I was told last November, that my work and studio were, ‘unprofessional’ and that ‘old people’ just don’t get what works today. That same person, he has a degree in fine arts, offered to come by and ‘teach’ me to paint and to spruce up my studio with the right stuff. I politely said no.

I was devastated. I hadn’t sold anything in several months and I blamed the pandemic. But what if it wasn’t the pandemic. What if it was my work?

That was in early November, 2021.

I was telling my much younger brother, currently studying marketing, that it was time to hang up my brushes. My marketing skills were obviously outdated, and my subject matter was of no interest to anyone. He suggested a change in theme. He told me to call my work, Florida Folk Arts.

It worked. Since then, I have sold almost a dozen large paintings. I had a six week window showing of six of my pieces with the Ormond Art Gallery and Museum. I had an eight week showing of one of my pieces at the Ormond Performing Arts Center which ends next week, when I have another going on display. to take its place.

And today, the latest issue of New Smyrna Beach Magazine came out and my painting, Tranquility, is on the cover.

Creating an abstract is a little like the premise for the tv show, Seinfeld. It’s apainting about…nothing. But both Seinfeld and an abstract painting stirs up emotions ranging from humor to love to heartache.

This piece evokes, “Tranquility”. It’s calm and peaceful and it will complement just about any decor, without overwhelming it.

Get, “Tranquility”. You deserve it. Purchase, “Tranquility” and now as an added bonus, you get a signed copy of the Magazine. Get them both for $225+$25 shipping. Use the contact form above if you have questions or to purchase.