I discovered I was an artist late in life. My mother was very talented, but never found the time to pick up a paint brush. I remember telling her that if I had her talent, I would never stop painting. She would tell me I have talent, I just have to paint.

After her death – and as if to defy her – I took an oil painting class. I came home and showed my husband the finished painting and said, ‘I think I can paint’.
I never looked back. At age 58, I discovered the artist in me.

I like to think of myself as Grandma Moses without the following or the money, but I’m working on both. The world as I see it is full of color and I try to reflect that in everything I paint. I have exhibited in galleries throughout Florida and at Art Prize in Michigan.

If you have interest in licensing or purchasing any of my creations, please contact me directly. All work is under copyright. Copying or reproducing all or part of an image without express written permission is a violation of copyright law.