Little Debbie’s

Little Debbie’s are original acrylic paintings sized 5×7 or less. These tiny paintings, some in vintage frames, will brighten your day without breaking your wallet. Where else can you purchase a fine art painting for under $60? Take advantage of this affordable way to own an original Debbie. All prices include shipping in the continental U.S. Please note that because I use only recycled frames, blemishes are common.

“Sailboat at Sunset”, 8×8 acrylic on canvas, with a 2″ gallery wrap. $45, includes shipping
“Mahi, Mahi”, 8×13 acrylic on paper, framed, $40 No shipping on this. Pick up only.
“An Angel of a Fish”, 5×7 metallic acrylic on paper, framed, $35

“The Lighthouse at St. Augustine”, 5×7.5 acrylic on paper. $35
“Handbags and Clutches”, 4×6 acrylic on paper, framed to 5×7, $45
“Disconnected”, Three, 4×4 tryptic, acrylic and paper on canvas (Total size, 12×4) (on consignment)
“Giraffe”, 2×2 acrylic on paper, framed to 5×5, $40
“You’ve Made Me So Very Hoppy! 4×6
acrylic on paper, framed to 5×7, $40
“Sailing”, 5×6 acrylic on paper, in a 9×10 frame.
“Angel Holding Flowers”, 5×7, acrylic on paper, $40
“Two Poppies”, acrylic on paper, each is 2×3 in a 3.5×5
gold toned, folding frame, (on consignment)
Here Comes the Sun”, 3×5 acrylic on paper in a 5.5×6 frame, 45.00
Abstract Bouquet, 2×3 acrylic on paper in a 3.5 gold and green frame. $25.
“The I heart you balloons”, acrylic on paper2.75×3 in a 5×4 metal frame. $25.
“Lobster”,2×3 acrylic on paper, framed to 2.5×3.5, $20
“Here kitty, kitty!”2.25X3 acrylic on paper, in a wood frame to 4.5×3, (on consignment)
Cherry Dessert, 4×6 acrylic on paper framed to 5×7, $25
“Flower in a Flowered Frame”, 3×3
acrylic on paper in a 6×6 frame, $30
Kaleidoscope Fish”, 4.5 x5 acrylic on paper/5×7 frame, (on consignment)
“Smoke over the Bay Bridge”, 8×8 acrylic on canvas, framed,, $40 includes shipping
“Tiny Flowers in a Tiny Frame”, 2.75×3 acrylic
on paper, in a 4×3 metal frame. $30
“Fraternal Twins” makes a great gift for the boater in your life. This 5×7 frame with two, 2×3 paintings, will sit nicely on your desk.