I’ve Unblocked the Roadblock

I started working on the untitled painting below about three weeks ago. I had a plan to finish it in two weeks. Everything was moving along and then I screwed it up and my screw up couldn’t be undone. Yes. I had a mess. So I looked at it for a good week and a half and finally formulated a plan to save it. It’s now moving along with a new plan, but that means another week or two until it’s done.

But life goes on. I generally work on three or four projects at once, but I pared that down to two these last three weeks. One is a handpainted, small glass serving plate, pictured here. It has to cure for another three weeks. The other is the St. Augustine Lighthouse, a Little Debbie, which should be done in a day or two.

“Fiesta”, 5.75″ x5.75″ glass serving dish