Then came The Desktop Aquarium

“The Desktop Aquarium”, nine, 4×6 acrylic on paper, mounted in a 13×20 display

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all! First, there was my Fish Ferris Wheel, a moveable contraption where ten, hand painted fish a resided on a rotating wheel. That little gem was sold a few weeks ago.

Now there’s “The Desktop Aquarium” – nine, hand painted fish mounted in individual gold frames, all part of a single, foldable display that will look terrific on the desktop or the dresser of anyone who loves colorful fish.

If you are planning to do your holiday shopping later, you might be waiting for Christmas, 2022 to get that special gift from a shipping container. Or, you can support a local artist and give your loved one the gift of original art. =

Desktop Aquarium is not currently for sale. It is part of an upcoming exhibit. Please visit our virtual gallery above to see the many paintings available for purchase.