Introducing, Florida Folk Art, Debbie Style

After several years of dabbling in different kinds of art, different styles and different genres, it was brought to my attention that there was no consistency to my paintings. My thought was that diversification was the key to selling art. On a whim, I would paint landscapes, flowers abstracts, anything that struck my fancy. Over the years it served me well, until it didn’t. So, I decided to grow up and find a brand that encompassed everything I do. That’s when my style took a sharp turn and Florida Folk Art was born.

My style changed in the last two years and Florida Folk Art reflects that change. It is characterized by vibrant colors and with a touch of Florida in every painting. You can scroll through this page and see for yourself. My new style and branding reflects something special and unique.

You’ll see lots of changes on this website in the coming months and I hope you will continue to check my website frequently and get a Debbie of your own. After all, everyone should Own A Debbie!