I’ve gone off the deep end!

“Fish on a Ferris Wheel”, Ten, 2×3 acrylic on canvas, framed

I love recycling frames, so when I came across this at an estate sale, I bought it.

Introducing the one and only, “Fish on a Ferris Wheel”.

There are a total of ten, hand painted an signed fish all in different hues. Yes. It does spin around, though I would be a little more careful with it! “Fish on a Ferris Wheel” would be a delight on your desk! If you are interested or have questions, just drop me a line using the contact form above.

You really like it, don’t you?

What is ‘5 Shades of Gray’?

“5 Shades of Gray”, 16×20 acrylic on canvas

Well, the title, ‘5 Shades of Gray’ certainly caught your attention, but there was a method behind my madness. Since I have so much time to paint these days, I find I am challenging myself with new techniques. “5 Shades of Gray” is an exercise in illusion. The challenge was to use only five shades of gray to complete the painting. I did that. Even so, some of the grays appear white; others are blue. In the end, all are gray‚Ķfive shades of gray to be exact. You might have noticed from my other paintings that I love bright colors. Gray doesn’t exactly fit the bill, but that was another challenge….to paint something with a color I’m not fond of. What do you think?