The Pop-Up Exhibit @9 West Granada

The Pop-Up Exhibit @ 9 West Granada, Ormond Memorial Museum Art and Gardens

My first showing in conjunction with the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens is up and running. “Pop Up Exhibit at 9 West Granada” is up through February 21. Six of my pieces are featured and I am honored to be there. The beauty of this is that you can view it whether you are walking by or driving by during the day or at night. I hope you will take a look! It’s located next to 5th 3rd Bank on Granada, just west of Beach Street in Ormond

Introducing, Florida Folk Art, Debbie Style

After several years of dabbling in different kinds of art, different styles and different genres, it was brought to my attention that there was no consistency to my paintings. My thought was that diversification was the key to selling art. On a whim, I would paint landscapes, flowers abstracts, anything that struck my fancy. Over the years it served me well, until it didn’t. So, I decided to grow up and find a brand that encompassed everything I do. That’s when my style took a sharp turn and Florida Folk Art was born.

My style changed in the last two years and Florida Folk Art reflects that change. It is characterized by vibrant colors and with a touch of Florida in every painting. You can scroll through this page and see for yourself. My new style and branding reflects something special and unique.

You’ll see lots of changes on this website in the coming months and I hope you will continue to check my website frequently and get a Debbie of your own. After all, everyone should Own A Debbie!

Another School of Fish

“Lost at Sea”, 16×20 Mixed media on canvas board.

I do love painting fish, but I think it’s time for me to move on to other creatures of the sea and land. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy, “Lost at Sea”. This was created for an upcoming exhibit. Details to come!

I’m Still Hooked on Fish!

“East Fish; West Fish”, 11×14 acrylic on canvas.
“The Family Fish”, 20×24 acrylic on canvas

Now and then I paint something that exceeds my expectations. These did just that. These were created for an upcoming exhibit and are not currently for sale. More on that to come. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy them here.

Then came The Desktop Aquarium

“The Desktop Aquarium”, nine, 4×6 acrylic on paper, mounted in a 13×20 display

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all! First, there was my Fish Ferris Wheel, a moveable contraption where ten, hand painted fish a resided on a rotating wheel. That little gem was sold a few weeks ago.

Now there’s “The Desktop Aquarium” – nine, hand painted fish mounted in individual gold frames, all part of a single, foldable display that will look terrific on the desktop or the dresser of anyone who loves colorful fish.

If you are planning to do your holiday shopping later, you might be waiting for Christmas, 2022 to get that special gift from a shipping container. Or, you can support a local artist and give your loved one the gift of original art. =

Desktop Aquarium is not currently for sale. It is part of an upcoming exhibit. Please visit our virtual gallery above to see the many paintings available for purchase.

Fish on a Ferris Wheel

‘Fish on a Ferris Wheel’, Ten, 2×3 acrylic on paper, individually framed.

Now and then, I do something I find wildly entertaining. That was the case with ‘Fish on a Ferris Wheel’. It consisted of 10, 2×3 hand painted fish on a manually rotating wheel. Every tiny fish was a different color. It was a great conversation piece and spinning it was fun too!

Someone found it equally entertaining and bought it last weekend. She really loved it. It was one of those piece I hated to see go, but I’m happy it found a good home.

Welcome Own A Debbie!

Several months ago, I started a new website, My original idea was to have only original fine art and home decor items designed and painted by me. Own A Debbie would be available for reprints and fun things like handbags, clothing and the like, all inspired by my work.

The lazy part of me found it difficult to maintain both sites. The ambitious part of me knew it wasn’t working, so the obvious solution was to combine both sites. So, when you are looking for fine art giclee prints and unique items for you and hour home, all inspired by my work, this is where you go.

Check back often for current specials on the things you love. After all, everyone should Own A Debbie!

My latest and greatest

“Red Sky at Night”, 12×12 acrylic on canvas, framed
“Nothing But Blue Skies”, 12×12 acrylic on canvas, framed

I continue to try to find something to produce a consistent body of work to no avail. I thought it was going to be fish, but then I digressed. Sometimes digressions are very cool!

Having said that, here are my two newest works. I really love these. Each measures 12×12 and is framed to 15×15. Seriously…can you picture these on a hard to decorate place in your home or office?

Coming soon….we are combining our Own A Debbie website with this gallery. We are currently putting this site together and will let you know when it’s up and running here. When it is, you will be able to order reprints and home decor, directly from here!

Fish with a twist

Left to right, “Picasso Jellyfish”, “Just Swimming”, “Catch me if you can” 4×6 acrylic on canvas
“A Fish out of Water”, 8×10 acrylic on canvas

I’m constantly trying new methods to capture fish on paper and canvas, my idea of catch and release. I found a technique I’m have fun playing with and well…I went a little crazy painting them. These are markedly different from my usual, more abstract and brightly colored. The paint is slightly raised from the canvas, giving them a 3D look.

I tried this technique first on the 8×10. It exceeded my expectations, so I decided to fine tune the process and paint a second, larger one. Now it’s spawned a few little ones. “Picasso Jellyfish”, is the fish out of water here, but he is a cute little thing. I’m thrilled with the finished paintings.

Not your choice of fish? Check out two of my others below. They will make a grand edition to your home or office.

Remember, there’s only one original! Use the contact form above for any questions or to purchase.

“Catch of the Day”, 11×32 acrylic painted wood, with three, 4×6 acrylic painted canvas
“Fish on a Ferris Wheel”, Ten, 2×3 acrylic on paper, framed.

Go Fish!


Let me be the first to admit it: I’m hooked on fish!

I’m having a blast painting fish of late. Having said that, my latest expedition is now hanging on my studio wall.

“A Trio of Fish” are three, wooden fish, painted with acrylics and each measuring approximately 23×3. The fish were secured at an estate sale about 20 years ago. A man there made them and couldn’t decide what to do with them. I was not an artist at the time, but I bought them, brought them home and put them in a closet. When I rediscovered them, I thought they deserved a bright future. By the way, I get that the orange clashes with the fish, but it’s the color of the walls in my studio.

Picture them swimming across your wall!